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My great great grandfather Abram Eli Hotchkin was an early pioneer in Michigan and arrived in Spring Arbor, Jackson County, Michigan about 1837. It is likely that he came by way of the Erie Canal, as did many of the New York people who were looking for cheaper and more productive land. It is one of my great genealogical disappointments that I do not know where and when he died, even though I have searched a great deal. An International Genealogical Index entry claims a death for him in 1854 in Waterviet, NY. This is very unlikely, as my branch of the family had no relatives in that area of New York. It might be possible if a transcription error had been made and the location was Waterville, NY. My grandfathers family was large, 5 girls and 4 boys who had close family relations all of their lives. We had great family get-togethers at Christmas, Thanksgiving and summer reunions. In 1927 my grandfather started an annual reunion of the Michigan family. He only lived to see this first meeting but the reunions lasted until 1972 when we were all too dispersed to meet any longer This group had a Secretary who not only kept minutes but gathered births, deaths and marriage information. In 1991 I found all of these minutes and records in a cousin's attic. From these records, I can tell you what we spent for ice cream in 1929. It was $3.40 for the 30 people attending. My mother was an addicted collector of pictures, diaries, and genealogical notes, which included my grandfather's wagon train trip from Nebraska to Michigan and my great grand uncle's experiences at the Battle of Lookout Mountain, Chattanooga, TN. You may find these diaries as exciting as I do, so please check Franklin Evi Hotchkin and Charles Nelson Hendrick.