Bridget Unknown

F, (circa 1831 - )
     Bridget Unknown was born circa 1831 at Ireland. She married Andrew Maloney circa 1843 at Ireland.
Last Edited=12 Dec 2009

Children of Bridget Unknown and Andrew Maloney

Caroline Unknown

F, (1825 - )
     Caroline Unknown was born in 1825 at Steuben County, NY, USA. She married David Hotchkins circa 1853 at NY, USA.
Last Edited=27 Oct 2007

Children of Caroline Unknown and David Hotchkins

Casy Unknown

     Casy Unknown is the son of Cynthia Lou Gowell.
Last Edited=27 Oct 2007

Caztherine Unknown

F, (1865 - )
     Caztherine Unknown was born in 1865 at Italy. She married Pete Oliverio in 1885 at Italy. Married 20 years at the 1930 census of Clarksburg, Harrison, WV..
Last Edited=27 Oct 2007

Family: Caztherine Unknown and Pete Oliverio

Charlotte L. Unknown

     Charlotte L. Unknown married Arthur L. DelVero, son of Frank (Francesco) DelVero and Giuseppa (Josephine) Allevato.
Last Edited=27 Oct 2007

Family: Charlotte L. Unknown and Arthur L. DelVero

Christine Unknown

     She married Lyle Randall (Randy) Hotchkin at IL, USA, circa 1980.
Last Edited=6 Apr 2009

Children of Christine Unknown and Lyle Randall (Randy) Hotchkin

Cordelia A. Unknown

F, (1833 - )
     Cordelia was born at NY, USA, in 1833. Age 36 at the 1870 census of Rockland, NY.. She married Herman J. Bowers at NY circa 1849.
Last Edited=15 Jan 2010

Children of Cordelia A. Unknown and Herman J. Bowers

Cornelia J V Unknown

F, (5 June 1855 - 12 September 1885)
     Cornelia J V Unknown was born on 5 June 1855 at OK, USA. She married Joseph Smedley Forrest circa 1880. Cornelia J V Unknown died on 12 September 1885 at Tamaha, Haskell County, OK, USA, at age 30. She was buried at Tamaha Cemetery, at Tamaha, Haskell County, OK, USA.
Last Edited=20 Apr 2017

Child of Cornelia J V Unknown and Joseph Smedley Forrest

Crystal Unknown

     Crystal Unknown is the daughter of Husband Unknown and Cynthia Lee Mitchell.
Last Edited=19 May 1999

Deanna Unknown

     She married Hugh Miller Hotchkin Jr. at MI, USA, in August 1978. Western Michigan Newspapers.
Last Edited=14 Dec 2007

Dorothy Unknown

F, (April 1817 - after 1900)
     Dorothy Unknown was born in April 1817 at NY, USA. She appeared on the census of 1900 at Poughkeepsie, Dutchess County, NY, USA. The census lists the family as: Hotchkin, Dorothy, Apr 1817, 83, living with neice Emma Foster.. She resided at Poughkeepsie, Dutchess County, NY, USA, in 1900. She died after 1900.

     Dorothy appears in the 1900 census of Poughkeepsie, NY as Dorothy Hotchkin, age 83, born April 1817 in NY. Living with her is a niece, Emma Foster.
Last Edited=22 Apr 2009

Eleanor Unknown

F, (1844 - 1870)
     Eleanor Unknown was born in 1844 at England.1 She married William Henry Hayward circa 1861 at England. Eleanor Unknown died in 1870 at Jackson County, MI, USA.1 She was buried at Mount Evergreen Cemetery, at Jackson, Jackson County, MI, USA.
Last Edited=31 Dec 2012

Children of Eleanor Unknown and William Henry Hayward


  1. [S163]

Elissa Unknown

     Elissa Unknown married Cody James Hotchkin, son of Van L. Hotchkin and Teri Ann Durr, circa 2002.
Last Edited=8 Feb 2008

Family: Elissa Unknown and Cody James Hotchkin

Elizabeth Unknown

F, (1774 - 22 January 1835)
     Elizabeth Unknown was born in 1774 at NY, USA. She married Zebulon Burch at NY. Elizabeth Unknown died on 22 January 1835 at Sangerfield, Oneida County, NY, USA. Internet Posting. She was buried at Sangerfield Cemetery, at Sangerfield, Oneida County, NY, USA.
Last Edited=25 Jan 2014

Children of Elizabeth Unknown and Zebulon Burch

Elizabeth Unknown

F, (1827 - )
     Elizabeth Unknown was born in 1827 at England. She married John Hotchkin in July 1869. Date given in 1870 census..
Last Edited=20 Aug 2015

Family: Elizabeth Unknown and John Hotchkin

Elizabeth Unknown

F, (17 February 1832 - 20 March 1876)
     Elizabeth Unknown was born on 17 February 1832 at Manhattan, New York County, NY, USA. She is 17 at the 1850 census, 25 at the 1960 census and 38 at the 1870 census. She married Benjamin Bunce, son of Jeremiah Smith Bunce and Susanah French, circa 1865 at NY, USA. Elizabeth Unknown died on 20 March 1876 at NY at age 44.
Last Edited=19 May 2017

Child of Elizabeth Unknown and Benjamin Bunce

Ellen (Ella) Unknown

F, (November 1851 - 22 December 1901)
     Ellen (Ella) Unknown was born in November 1851 at IL, USA. Missouri Death Records 1834- 1910, born in Illinois, father in Illinois and mother in Louisana. She married Charles G. Hotchkin at MO, USA, in 1883. 1900 census says married 17 years. Ellen (Ella) Unknown died on 22 December 1901 at St Louis, St Louis County, MO, USA, at age 50. Listed in St Louis Death records as Ellen Hotchkin, Vol 42, pg 273.00..
Last Edited=31 Oct 2015

Child of Ellen (Ella) Unknown and Charles G. Hotchkin

Emily M. Unknown

F, (1827 - 11 December 1862)
     Emily M. Unknown was born in 1827 at CT, USA. She married Samuel Abraham Hochkin, son of Elias Hochkin and Sarah (Sally) Unknown, circa 1854 at CT. Emily M. Unknown died on 11 December 1862 at West Haven, New Haven County, CT, USA. "Deaths in the Town of Orange 1862" Ledger.
Last Edited=6 May 2017

Children of Emily M. Unknown and Samuel Abraham Hochkin

Emma Unknown

F, (December 1868 - )
     Emma Unknown was born in December 1868 at IL, USA. She married Liverus Hendrick, son of William Hendrick and Mariette Post, in 1892 at IL.
Last Edited=8 Dec 2006

Child of Emma Unknown and Liverus Hendrick

Emma B. Unknown

F, (1858 - )
     Emma B. Unknown was born in 1858 at OH, USA. She married Francis Clark Bigelow, son of Roswell Bigelow and Emeline E. Stacey, between 1910 and 1920.
Last Edited=4 Mar 2010

Family: Emma B. Unknown and Francis Clark Bigelow

Esther Unknown

     She married Donald (Donnie) Ray Hotchkin Litster circa 1975.1
Last Edited=25 Jan 2007

Family: Esther Unknown and Donald (Donnie) Ray Hotchkin Litster


  1. [S97] Diana Lea Hotchkin, Compiler Edgar Hotchkin.

Eunice Unknown

F, (1809 - )
     Eunice Unknown was born in 1809 at RI, USA. She married Albert S. Bassett circa 1836 at NY, USA.
Last Edited=25 Jan 2007

Children of Eunice Unknown and Albert S. Bassett

Evalena Unknown

F, (circa 1803 - before 1860)
     Evalena Unknown was born circa 1803. She married Alexander Murray circa 1834. Evalena Unknown died before 1860.
Last Edited=17 Apr 2016

Children of Evalena Unknown and Alexander Murray

Harriett Unknown

F, (1881 - )
     Harriett Unknown was born in 1881 at NJ, USA. She married Walter Lamb circa 1901 at NJ.
Last Edited=8 Mar 2008

Children of Harriett Unknown and Walter Lamb

Harry-wife Unknown

F, (1790 - after 1820)
     Harry-wife Unknown was born in 1790. She married Harry (Harvey) Hodgkin. Harry-wife Unknown died after 1820 at NY, USA.

     The 1830 census finds her with her husband Harry in Kirkland, Oneida Co., NY with 4 children.
Last Edited=3 Feb 2008

Children of Harry-wife Unknown and Harry (Harvey) Hodgkin

Hunter Unknown

     Hunter Unknown is the son of Cynthia Lou Gowell.
Last Edited=8 Apr 2007

Husband Unknown

     He married Cynthia Lee Mitchell at NJ, USA, circa 1984.
Last Edited=25 Jan 2007

Child of Husband Unknown and Cynthia Lee Mitchell

Husband Unknown

M, (circa 1860 - )
     Husband Unknown was born circa 1860. He married Alice A. Hotchkin, daughter of Abram Eli Hotchkin Jr. and Harriet Maham, before 1900 at Niagara County, NY, USA. The 1900 census says that she had an earlier marriage..
Last Edited=13 Sep 2013

Family: Husband Unknown and Alice A. Hotchkin

Jane Unknown

F, (circa 1827 - )
     Jane Unknown was born circa 1827. She married Reuben Frank Gustine, son of Alpheus William Gustine and Sarah Horn, in 1850.
Last Edited=16 Dec 2016

Family: Jane Unknown and Reuben Frank Gustine

Jennie M. Unknown

F, (13 September 1914 - 1 March 2009)
     Jennie M. Unknown was born on 13 September 1914. Public records. Living in Plymouth, MI with her daughter and son-in-law. She married William Mackie Frew at Grand Rapids, Kent County, MI, USA, in 1966. Grand Rapids Press. Jennie M. Unknown died on 1 March 2009 at Plymouth, Wayne County, MI, USA, at age 94.1
Last Edited=10 Aug 2016

Family: Jennie M. Unknown and William Mackie Frew


  1. [S218] Social Security Death Index 1935- 2014.