Francis James Hotchkin

M, (14 March 1902 - 2 June 1953)
     Francis James Hotchkin was born on 14 March 1902 at Grinnell, Poweshiek County, IA, USA.1,2 He was the son of William Arthur Hotchkin and Mary Ellen Dowling. He married Dorothy May Jewell in 1927. According to the 1930 census.. Francis James Hotchkin appeared on the census of 1930 at Long Beach, Los Angeles County, CA, USA. The census lists the family as: Francis Hotchkin, 29 (1900), IA, married at 26 parents born in IA, gas station Attendant; roomer wirh Ralph F. Wicox family.. He died on 2 June 1953 at Los Angeles County, CA, USA, at age 51.1,3 He was buried at Pomona Cemetery and Mausoleum, at Pomona, Los Angeles County, CA, USA. Location from his obituary..

     Birth and death dates come from California Death Index 1940-1997.
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Children of Francis James Hotchkin and Dorothy May Jewell


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Francis Norman Hotchkin

M, (1 October 1846 - 1913)
     Francis Norman Hotchkin was born on 1 October 1846 at Liberty, Sullivan County, NY, USA. He was the son of Joshua Francis (James) Hotchkin and Lydia Novill Grant. Francis Norman Hotchkin appeared on the census of 1870 at Liberty, Sullivan County, NY. The census lists the family as: Hotchkin, Norman., 23, living in home of David Grant and Norman's sister Hannah, farm labor.. He married Hattie Kortright at Liberty, Sullivan County, NY, circa 1871. Francis Norman Hotchkin died in 1913 at Liberty, Sullivan County, NY. He was buried at Fallsburg Neversink Cemetery, at Neversink, Sullivan County, NY, USA.

     The 1900 census of Fallsburg Twp., Sullivan Co., NY has Francis, wife Hattie and daughter Alice J. His nephew, Grover C. Bonnell, born November 1884, in NY is living with them. Francis and his wife Hattie are buried in Velie Cemetery, Neversink. In their plot is Ella Cortright, wife of Frederick, son of Francis's brother Nathan.
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Children of Francis Norman Hotchkin and Hattie Kortright

Frank Hotchkin

M, (May 1855 - 1939)
     Frank was born at NY, USA, in May 1855. Age 45, born May 1855 at the 1900 census. He was the son of George Nelson Hotchkin and Elizabeth Converse Bixby. Frank Hotchkin appeared on the census of 1900 at Newark, Essex County, NJ, USA. The census lists the family as: Hotchkin, Frank, 5-1855, b NY, living with b-in-law Vernon E. Beavers.. He resided at Newark, Essex County, NJ, in 1900. Frank died in 1939 at Rochester, Monroe County, NY, USA.1 He was buried at Mount Hope Cemetery, at Rochester, Monroe County, NY, USA. Sec L, Lot 68.

     Frank is described by Talcott and found in the 1880 census with his brothers and sisters and father living at 30 Adams St., Rochester, NY. The 1890 Rochester City Directory calls him a Collector with a business address of 481 Exchange St. Frank is in Chicago at the 1895 Chicago City Directory and is listed as a clerk, living at 5054 State St. At the 1920 census, he is living with sister and brother-in-law at 50 Richelan Terrace, Newark City, NJ and is age 63.
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Frank Edward Hotchkin

     Frank Edward Hotchkin is the son of Raymond Harry Hotchkin and Agnes G. Vilickas. He married Doris Short at IL, USA, circa 1967.
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Children of Frank Edward Hotchkin and Doris Short

Frank Elmer Hotchkin

M, (21 August 1869 - 18 December 1934)
     Frank Elmer Hotchkin was born on 21 August 1869 at Rockland, Sullivan County, NY, USA. He was the son of Luther B. Hotchkin and Jane Ann Davis. He married Carrie Grace Moore at Middletown, Orange County, NY, USA, on 29 November 1893. Married by Rev W. McKendree Darwood.. Frank Elmer Hotchkin appeared on the census of 1900 at Liberty, Sullivan County, NY, USA. The census lists the family as: Hotchkin, Frank, age 30, b 8-1869 in NY,married 6 years, parents born NY, Painter; wife Carrie, age 29, b 2-1871 in NY, married 6 years, one child, one living; son Harold, age 3, b 10-1896 in NY. 242 92 13 94. He resided at Newark, Essex County, NJ, USA, in 1905. He married Adeline Evelyn Coddington at Easton, Northampton County, PA, USA, in 1915. Frank Elmer Hotchkin died on 18 December 1934 at Glen Gardner, Hunterdon County, NJ, USA, at age 65. He was buried at First Presbyterian Church Cemetery, at Rockaway, Morris County, NJ, USA. records give birth as 21 aug 1867 and death as 18 dec 1932..

     According to a newspaper article on his son Howard, Elmer was an interior decorator and general foreman for the state Tuberculosis Hospital, known as Mt Kipp and now known as Hagadorn Center for Geriatrics. He moved his family from Denville to Glen Gardner in 1922. At the 1880 census, Frank and sister Evaline was living with their grandparents Albert J. and Hannah Davis.
     The 1905 Newark, NJ City Directory has a Frank Hotchkin who is an insurance salesman and boards at 149 Johnson; in 1918 through 1927 he is a pressman. His residence from 1918 to 1927 is 50 Richelieu. Living with him in 1905 is Harriett M. , a music teacher. In later years Harriett is a clerk and lives at 15 Isabella and then 20 Dover. The relationship of Harriett is unknown, but a daughter Florence is shown in the 1923 directory as a nurse, North Memorial Hospital and residing at 340 Bank.
The May 4 1891 edition of the Middletown Daily Times says that Frank E. Hotchkin an employee of the Ontario and Western Line has been arrested for taking butter and other items from the railroad. No further information was found.
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Children of Frank Elmer Hotchkin and Carrie Grace Moore

Children of Frank Elmer Hotchkin and Adeline Evelyn Coddington

Frank Eugene Hotchkin

M, (18 November 1877 - February 1887)
     Frank Eugene Hotchkin was born on 18 November 1877 at Lenox, Berkshire County, MA, USA.1 He was the son of George William Hotchkin and Janette Martha Perry. Frank Eugene Hotchkin died in February 1887 at Lenox, Berkshire County, MA, at age 9.2
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Frank Marion Hotchkin

M, (9 February 1869 - 5 June 1936)
     Frank Marion Hotchkin was born on 9 February 1869 at Sangerfield, Oneida County, NY, USA.1 He was the son of George Putnam Hotchkin and Mariah Mann. Frank Marion Hotchkin was a Pri, andserved in the US Marines at the Portsmouth Navy Yard.2 He married Mary (Maggie) Margaret Griffith at Little Falls, Herkimer County, NY, USA, on 19 March 1892.3
     The Waterville Times says that he was elected as Collector and he received 266 votes out of 277 who voted.
Frank Marion Hotchkin was employed in 1895 as a Grocer. He and Mary (Maggie) Margaret Griffith were divorced before 1910. The 1910 census calls her May M. and says that she is divorced.. Frank Marion Hotchkin appeared on the census of 1910 at Boston, Suffolk County, MA, USA. The census lists the family as: Frank M. Hotchkin, 41, single, born NY, father birth not known, mother born England, works in shoemaker shop.. He married Bertha S. Sullivan on 27 December 1935 at Nashua, Hillsborough County, NH, USA.4 Frank Marion Hotchkin died on 5 June 1936 at Boston, Suffolk County, MA, USA, at age 67. Obituary.5 He was buried at Walnut Hills Cemetery, at Brookline, Norfolk County, MA, USA.

     Frank's birth date is given in his fathers Civil War Pension Application. His daughter in a letter to the Hotchkin Reunion Secretary says that he lived in Waterville, NY and later in Boston, MA. The 1900 census says that his father was born in NY and mother at sea and it gives his marriage date as 1892.
     He appears in the 1898 Chicago City Directory as F M Hotchkin and Co., Grocers at 6426 Stoney Island and residing at 5426 Monroe. The next available city directory is 1902 and it lists his wife Mrs Maggie M. as M & M Grocers at 6426 Jackson Park. She appears in the 1905 directory in the same manner, but in 1910 she is listed at 770 E 41st St as Meg M., widow of Frank. However, Frank appears in the 1910, 1920 and 1930 censuses of MA.
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Children of Frank Marion Hotchkin and Mary (Maggie) Margaret Griffith

Family: Frank Marion Hotchkin and Bertha S. Sullivan


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Frank Roger Hotchkin

M, (17 July 1956 - 27 September 1980)
Frank Roger Hotchkin, Fireman
died in a fire
     Frank Roger Hotchkin was born on 17 July 1956 at Los Angeles County, CA, USA.1,2,3 He was the son of Howard Roger Hotchkin and Barbara Fay Tlacil. He married June M. Bergstrom at Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, CA, USA, on 4 February 1978.4 Frank Roger Hotchkin was employed in 1980 at Los Angeles County, CA, as a Fireman. He died on 27 September 1980 at Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, CA, at age 24.5 He was buried at Forest Lawn Cemetery (Hollywood Hills), at Hollywood, Los Angeles County, CA, USA.
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Family: Frank Roger Hotchkin and June M. Bergstrom


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Frank Seymour Hotchkin1

M, (March 1853 - December 1916)
     Frank was born at Watertown, Jefferson County, NY, USA, in March 1853. He is age 8 at the 1860 census.. He was the son of Benjamin Franklin Hotchkin and Jane M. Little. He married Nancy Bates Walker at Sedgwick County, KS, USA, on 16 October 1888. Index of Marriages, Record D406 from the files of Midwest Historic & Genealogical Society, as indexed by Bill Pennington.. Frank Seymour Hotchkin was employed in 1900 as a Foundry worker. He died in December 1916 at Cuba at age 63.2

     The 1850 and the 1860 census of Watertown, Jefferson Co., NY finds him with his parents Benjamin and Jane. At the 1880 census of Dist. 7, Watertown he is listed as being in the Navy; and by the 1900 census he is living at 710 Warren St., Chicago, IL with his wife Nancy and daughters Florence and Jane.
     An article in the Syracuse Standard, dated 27 May 1884 refers to him as Lieutenant of the USN says that he just returned from a 4 year cruise with the Adriatic squadron and that he had been on the ill-fated Ashlot when that vessel was lost in the China seas about one year ago. The "List of Officers of the Navy of the US and of the Marine Corps, 1775-1900," compiled by Edward W. Callahan, Register, Bureau of Navigation, Navy Dept; gives the following on Frank: "Frank Hotchkin, Midshipman 28 June 1867; Graduated 1 June 1872; Ensign 15 July 1873; Master 5 June 1878; Lieutenant Junior Grade 3 March 1883; Wholly retired 16 June 1885."
     The Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, GA Feb 26 1911. Sec. Nagel of the Dept of Commerce and Labor at Mobile, AL, announced that he had dismissed Frank S. Hotchkin from his duties as Shipping Commisioner for Dereliction of Duties.3
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Children of Frank Seymour Hotchkin and Nancy Bates Walker


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Frank William Hotchkin1

M, (25 May 1876 - 4 May 1962)
     Frank William Hotchkin was born on 25 May 1876 at Aden, Sullivan County, NY, USA. Gravestone shows date 25 May 1876.2 He was the son of Nathan G. Hotchkin and Orpha Jane Everts. He married Eunice E. Lewis at Liberty, Sullivan County, NY, USA, on 16 March 1899. The 1900 census would place the marriage in 1898..3 Frank William Hotchkin appeared on the census of 1900 at Liberty, Sullivan County, NY, USA. The census lists the family as: Hotchkin, Frank W., age 24, b 5-1876 in NY, married 2 years; wife Eunice, age 23, b 1-1877 in NY, married 2 years, one child, one living; son Earle, age 10 mo, b 8-1899 in NY. 242 92 22 58. He registered for the World War I Draft in 1918 while living at White Sulphur Springs, Sullivan County, NY, USA. The registration card gave additional information on him: "He says that he is 41, born 25 May 1877, and a farmer working for Frank Hotchkin in White Sulpher Springs (this is likely his grandfather). He gives his nearest relative as Horce Hotchkin living in Liberty, NY.". He died on 4 May 1962 at Liberty, Sullivan County, NY, at age 85.2 He was buried at Orchard Street Cemetery, at Livingston Manor, Sullivan County, NY, USA.

     Frank's birth is documented in a family bible held by Iva Hotchkin Tuttle. He was born just a few days before his mothers death. Because of his mothers death, he was taken to be raised by his grandfather, Francis Hotchkin and his 3rd wife Fanny Tompkins and appears in the 1880 census of Neversink with that family. This census refers to him as Frankie W. According to Brown's book; his friends remember him as a tall, thin man with a happy disposition, who was very musical, loved to play his fiddle and dance.4
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Children of Frank William Hotchkin and Eunice E. Lewis


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Franklin Elwyn Hotchkin

M, (10 August 1898 - 1 August 1993)
Elwyn Hotchkin about 1950, Compilers father
     Franklin was born at Loup City, Sherman County, NE, USA, on 10 August 1898. This is Compilers father and census records say Aug 1899 which is an error..1 He was the son of Franklin Evi Hotchkin and Mary Winona (Minnie) Hendrick. He married Margaret Josephine Smith at Harbor Springs, Emmet County, MI, USA, on 30 June 1920. A cousin gave 30 June 1919 to LDS, which is an error. The Compiler holds their Marriage License showing a 1920 marriage.. Franklin Elwyn Hotchkin appeared on the census of 1930 at Jackson, Jackson County, MI, USA. The census lists the family as: Elwyn Hotchkin, 30, (1899), married at 20, born NE, father born US, mother born US, machinist at motor shaft factory; wife Margaret, 29, first married at 19, born MI, father and mother born NY, no occupation; son Edgar E., 3 7/12, born MI; son Jerry L., 1 6/12, born MI.. He died on 1 August 1993 at Odessa, Ector County, TX, USA, at age 94.2,3 He was buried at Andrews County Cemetery West, at Andrews, Andrews County, TX, USA.

     The Compilers father was born in Loupe City Nebraska on 10 August 1898. At the age of six his family returned to Michigan by wagon, a trip that took over 2 months. Elwyn, as the family always called him, was raised on a farm near Grand Ledge, Michigan. He met my mother at Harbor Spring, Michigan on one of the frequent trips that he and a friend took to this resort area. Mother was a telephone operator at the local telephone office and was most immediately noticeable because of her flaming red hair. Mother and dad were married at Harbor Springs on 30 June 1920.
     Dad learned the machining trade and took a job in Jackson, MI grinding automotive crankshafts. My brother Jerry and I were born while the family lived in Jackson. At the worst of the depression, early 1930, dad lost his job and we moved north, outside of Harbor Spring, on a sixty-acre farm where dad had converted an old chicken house into a livable home. It is hard to believe at this point that it was really livable. It had only stud walls on the inside, heated by a potbelly stove and a wood burning cook stove. Water was carried from a spring about 1/2 mile away. Jerry and I sleep in a loft that had a wooden ladder to get into. Dad farmed this property until about 1940 when he went back to Lansing to take a job at Oldsmobile. That school year, mother, Jerry and I spent in Harbor Springs. He worked for Oldsmobile until his 68th birthday. After retirement my dad and mother bought a small farm outside of Lansing where he worked harder than ever, as dad wasn't happy unless he was working.
     About 1969 they decided that they ought to be near one of their children so they moved to Andrews, TX to be near my brother Jerry. Dad and mother had planned for their deaths for a long time and had a gravesite and headstone already in the city cemetery at Andrews. Mother died after years of continuing strokes and Dad died after a short illness; the first time in his life that he had ever been sick or in a hospital. The Compiler’s brother Jerry and his wife Faith conducted dad’s funeral services.
     I remember visiting my father for the last time, before his death. He was living in a retirement home and his memory was almost entirely gone and he was nearly blind. We were going out for a drive and he asked me if the tree in front of the home was a chestnut tree. I told him that I didn't think that it was a chestnut. That triggered a long forgotten memory and he resided almost the entire poem of "Village Smithy."
     My father only went to school through the eighth grade but he was one of the smartest men that I have known. I remember that during World War II he was working on some complicated machines at Oldsmobile, for the war effort, and needed to learn Trigonometry. He bought a book and taught himself.
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Children of Franklin Elwyn Hotchkin and Margaret Josephine Smith


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Franklin Evi Hotchkin

M, (27 July 1857 - 16 April 1928)
Franklin Evi Hotchkin 1857- 1928
     Franklin was born at Belvidere, Boone County, IL, USA, on 27 July 1857. He was the son of Noah Frank Hotchkin and Evilena Ann Granville. Franklin Evi Hotchkin appeared on the census of 1880 at Benton Twp, Berrien County, MI, USA. The census lists the family as: Granville, George, 40, Fruit Grower, 40, b Maine; wife Clara, 38, b IL; dau Emily, 12, b MI; dau Mary E., 9, b MI; dau Verona, 7, b MI; mother Mary, 78, b Maine; nephew Franklin Hotchkin, 24, b IL.. He married Mary Winona (Minnie) Hendrick at Hagar Twp, Berrien County, MI, USA, on 27 October 1888. Mary Winona and Franklin E. were married in Hager, Mi. by Rev. C.S. Lester, 1st Baptist Church of Benton Harbor, MI..1,2 Franklin Evi Hotchkin was a Carpenter in 1898.
     On July 8, 1904 Franklin Evi and his family left Central City to return to Michigan by wagon train. They drove with two wagons, a large freight wagon and a buggy. Franklin drove the large team with the freight wagon and daughters' Mabel and Lelia drove the buggy. Norris was less than a year old at this time and was carried in the arms of his mother. Elwyn, the Compilers father, remembers that the other children walked most of the way, as the wagons were so full. Franklin's family arrived at his wife's Minnie sister's home in Saugatuck Michigan on September 8. His diary of this trip is so interesting that it is included in the next few pages. At a few places in the following diary, comments have been made by Lelia Hotchkin Wythe when she first transcribed the diary. These comments are shown in parenthesis ( ).
July 8, 1904 Left Central City, Nebraska at 8:20 A.M. Crossed the Platte River at 9:00. Stopped for dinner at 12:00. Started again at 1:20 P.M. Left Stromberg 2 mi. E. of us. Went south. Camped at Union School House in Polk Co. at 7:30. Good grass in school yard, all fenced in. Director came along, said we could turn horses in their pasture over night. Found very nice people there. Made 28 mi.
July 9 This morning while we were eating breakfast, a young lady came and brought us about 3 qts. new milk. Started at 6:55 A. M. Passed Benedict 1\2 mi. to the West at 8:40. Passed York 1\2 mi. at the South at 11:30. Made 15 1\2 and stopped for dinner at 12 M. Picked mulberries for dinner and supper. Started again at 1:25. Passed through Waco at 3:15 PM Passed Utica 1\2 mi. at the South at 5:35. Horses rather tired. Made 30 1\2. Went into camp at 6:20.
July 10 Came up a big thunder storm in the night. It is awful windy this morning and hot, likely to get more rain before night. We had company last night. A man and his three children and pug dog came out and called on us. Started this morning at 11:15. Passed Tamora 1:10 1\2 mi. to the South. At 1:15, stopped to feed. Water running right off the horses. Started on again at 4:10. Soon got out of the rain belt of the night before. Then could make better time. Passed through Seward at 7:15 PM. Made 17 mi. and camped at Leahey School House 1 mi. South and 2 mi. W. of German T. at 8:50.
July 11 Rained again last night, a regular downpour with high winds that just shook our wagon in great shape. Rain beat in, wet things up pretty well. So much mud can't move much before noon. Started at 11:45. Came through German T at 1:15. Couldn't get water for horses, so did not stop until 3:25. Came through Raymond at 7:50. Went a little over a mile E. of town and camped with a house on either side of us. Two little girls came out to play with the children. They had a pet coon and invited the children to come and see it in the morning. Made 18 mi.
Tue. July 12 Started at 6:45. Got to Davey at 9:15. Stopped to get butter and corn. Made 13 mi. Stopped on a hill for dinner at 11:55. Started again at 1:20 PM. Passed through Greenwood at 5:20. Made 27 mi. Crossed Salt Creek at 4:50 PM. Camped on Creek bottoms at 6:45.
Wed. July 13 Rained again so we are in camp. Picked our first mess of raspberries yesterday. Hit the trail again at 8:40. Very slippery first 2 mi. Picked another mess of raspberries. Stopped for dinner at 11:45. (Passed Murdock 2 mi. at S. at 9:20) Picked mess of gooseberries. Started on at 1 PM. Met a man from IA going to Colorado Springs with a sick boy. Made 13 mi. and stopped at 6 PM. Camped at little brick school house. Just got team off and tent set when a big rain and wind struck us. Covered the ground with water so girls could not sleep in tent. Made their beds in entry way of school. At 7:15 rain stopped. We got our supper and work done up and just got ready for bed when it begin to rain again.
Thur. July 14 Pleasant but awful muddy. 7 mi. from Ferry (cable ferry, pulled by team of mules) Started at 10:10 AM. Got to Plattsmouth at 11:55. Had to go 2 mi. down the river to ferry. Stopped at 1 PM. Dinner. (Had to drink soft water, as land was to low for good wells) Off again. Crossed the Missouri River at 3:30 (with last team and bid old Nebraska adieu; OK, as we girls said, "Threw the New Brass Key" in the river. It seemed so strange to us to think we were out of the state at last) Got to Pacific City at 4:20. Mills at 5:10. Glenwood at 6:00 PM. Went into camp at 7:35 to spend our first night on IA soil. 24 mi.
Fri. July 15 One week out. Started at 7:10. Went through Hillsdale 8:20. Malvern 10:15. Crossed the W. Nishnabatona R. at 11:30. Hastings at 12:10. Stopped for dinner at 12:40. Picked about 3 qts. of gooseberries. Started at 2:10. Passed through Emerson at 3:20 and Hawthrone at 5:10. Made 26 mi. Horses pretty tired. Stopped at 6:40 at School House on hill about 4 mi. from Red Oak.
Sat July 16 Another night without rain. Started at 7:20. Went through Red Oak at 9:00 AM. It is the nicest town we have yet seen on the trip. Stopped for dinner and feed at 12:20. Made 15 mi. Got card from Mamie (his sister) and letter from father (Hendrick) today at Red Oak. After dinner at 1:50, struck some of the worst roads we have found yet. The hills were simply terrible. Went into camp at 5:30 with the horses all tired out. Made 26 mi.
Sun. July 17 Is nice and warm. Started at 7:30 with horses stiff and sore, to make more hills. Passed three churches. Made 9 mi. & stopped for dinner 3 mi. from Corning. Only intending to make Corning today. 11:30 Started again at 3:00 PM. Came through Corning at 4:30. Stopped one mi. out of town at 5:00 PM. Left my Arctics where we camped last night. Made 11 MI.
Mon. July 18 Went over to town. Got card from father (Hendrick), done trading. Came back to camp, loaded up, and started at 8:30. Picked berries on the road. Went 11 1\2 mi. & stopped for dinner at 12:15. Started at 1:45. Got to Creston at 6:00 PM. Got bread and camped out at 7:20. Made 24 mi.
Tues. July 19 ad another big rain last night. Mud so deep & hills so steep it is impossible to start this morning if at all today. 9:00 PM. been in camp all day. Traded one of the ponies off tonight and got a heavier horse (Worthless)
Wed. July 20 Cloudy and threatening. Started at 7:40. Roads heavy. Drove 2 mi. It began to rain. Stopped at 8:25. Doubled up our teams and went on again. Made 12 mi. to Afton at 12:05. Went East of town and stopped for dinner at 12:25. Stopped raining. Started again at 1:50. Hills were worst then this fore noon. Got stuck. Had to uncouple light wagon and change teams around to get up. Only made 7 mi. and stopped at 6:00 PM on Grand River, at the mouth of 3 mi. Creek, just N. of Talmage. Made 19 mi. today.
Thurs. July 21 Started at 8:00 AM. Struck the worst hills we have found yet. Went about 9 mi. and stopped for dinner at 12:15. Started again at 2:35. Got to Murray at 3:00 PM. Got bread and flour. Found better roads. Made about 21 mi. Camped at School House Wad. No. 6 on (rede) hill at 7:15. Girls slept in coal shed so did not put up tent.
Fri. July 22 Started at 7:45. Got to Oseola at 8:40. Got bread, watered teams. Left town at 9:00. Found dime as we started out. Made 11 mi. and stopped at School House for dinner at 12 N Started again at 1:45. Passed Woodburn 1 mi. at the S. at 2 PM. Cleaveland at 6:00. Lucas at 7:00 PM. Drove 1 mi. E. and camped by the R.R. at 7:15. Made 25 miles. Old man came out and made us a visit. He was very friendly. Gave us hay to put into the tent. Borrowed his scythe to cut hay for horses.
Sat. July 23 Started at 7:15. Made Charston at 10:30 Am. Got bread and started on for Russell. Came to school house with fine shade maple, so stopped for dinner at 11:55. Made 13 mi. Started on again at 1:45 PM. Got to Russell at 3:00 PM. Went out 3 mi. One horse gave out. Had to stop and put shaves in buggy. Was a little over an hour making the change so only made 23 mi. today. Camped at school house again. Just as we stopped, a rabbit ran out in front of us. Shot him so we'll have meat tomorrow. Lost knife today.
Sun. July 24 Fine warm morning. Begins to look like rain again. Started at 9:15. Struck some terrible hills. Made 11 mi. and stopped for dinner at 2:15 PM. Horses were so tired and good feed here for them, so did not hitch up again. Visited a little and the children went out and picked a gal. gooseberries. Then went down to Seder Creek to play.
Mon. July 25 Started at 8:10. Got to Albia at 10:05. Left at 11:00. went 4 mi. and stopped on top of a hill for dinner at 12:30. Made 10 miles. Started again at 3:00 PM. Struck more horrid hills. Got to Munterville at 6:00. Went 2 mi. W. Camped on top of a hill. Poorest camp we have struck yet. Very little feed and no water. Raining a little. Made 21 mi.
Tues. July 26 Only got light sprinkle last night. Traded horses before breakfast. Got a big bay mare. Started to 7:00 AM. Went about 10 mi. Stopped to feed and get dinner at 10:30. Got our first mess of Blueberries this morning. Got about 3 qts. Started on at 1:30. Got into S. Ottumwa at 2:00 & to Ottumwa at 2:30 Started on from there at 3:00. Got to River View at 3:25, to Agency at 6:00. Watered horses. Went on 2 mi. and camped. Just as I stopped, met a man on a wheel from Philadelphia, Pa. He had come with his auto part way, then on a wheel. Was going from Ottumwa by train to SD. Made about 22 mi. today.
Wed. July 27 Started at 7:35, passed through N. edge of Hatavia at 9:40. Passed W. B. Kramr's at 10:00 AM. Got to Bernhart at 11:30. Stopped for dinner at 11:35. Just as we stopped, Ted (the dog) killed a mink. Started on at 1:30. Got to Fairfield at 4:00 PM. Got my mail, 2 letters & one postal. Done trading. Started out at 5:10. Drove for 5 mi. and camped at 7:15. Made 23 mi.
Thurs. July 28 Started at 7:25. Got to Rome at 11:30. Went on down to Skunk R. & watered horses, went on across to the foot of the hill & stopped for dinner at 12:30. Made 12 mi. Cooked dinner with hard maple wood, the first we had used since leaving Michigan. Started again at 2:50. Could hardly get Lucy started up the hill, then could hardly get her along at all. Managed to get to Mt. Pleasant. 8 mi. and stopped at 6:00. 20 mi.
Fri. July 29 Lucy's (horse) feet were so sore she could not travel, so went up town to look around some. Did not find any one to trade with so began to look for work. The first man I spoke to, gave me a job shingling at $2.00 per day. Went to work at 7:30 AM.
Sat. July 30 Worked shingling again today. Got a good heavy shower just as we finished work at night.
Sunday July 31 Had a big thunder shower again last night. A big barn about 2 mi. S. of us was struck by lightening and burned to the ground with fine team & 15 tons of hay & oats. Day has been nice. Mud drying fast. Traded horses again today so guess will hit trail again in the morning if it doesn't rain again.
Mon. Aug. 1 Pleasant. Broke camp and hit the trail again at 8:20. Left Mt. Pleasant at 8:50. New London at 11:30, stopped for dinner 3 mi. E. of N. L. at 12:30. Made 12 mi. Started at 2:40. Danville, Middletown & W. Burlington at 6 PM. Went into camp 6:40 on top of a hill just inside of what had been a field. Got settled & supper just about ready at dark & the man or dog that owned the place came and ordered us off. So had to hitch up and put team on big wagon. Drove just outside of walk and stopped. Pulled light wagon out by hand so it was 10:45 when I got supper and work done and ready for bed. Made 27 mi.
Tues. Aug. 2 Started at 6:50. Got o Ferry at 7:30. Got onto Ferry at 8:00 AM. At 8:15 got onto Illinois dirt and said a glad adieu to old Iowa. Got to Gladstone at 12:00. Watered and went across Henderson R. and stopped for dinner at 12:30. Started again at 2:40. Got part way up hill and found Bl. berry patches. Stopped and picked nearly a water pail full. Started on again at 4:00. Picked berries this fore noon for dinner. Came through Kirkwood at 7:45. Stopped to camp just before we came into town but had no water and crank objected so had to come on. Came 1 mi. N. and camped at 8:30. Made 27 mi.
Wed. Aug. 3 Started at 7:35. Got to Monmouth at 9:15. Passed through and on towards Galesburg. Stopped for dinner at 12:15. Made 15 mi. Started at 2:15. Got to Galesburg at 4:15. Stopped in city. Done trading and started on at 5:05. Came out to E. Galesburg. Watered horses, went about 3\4 mi. and camped at 6:15. Made 28 mi.
Thurs. Aug. 4 Started at 7:15. Struck some horrid hills again this morning. Made 6 miles and thunder storm came up so we had to stop at 10;15. Started at 12:15, went 2 mi., 1\2 mi. N. of Appleton in the valley. Hill so muddy and slippery, left teams at top of hill and went to post office on foot expecting to get mail from Oquawka, but got none, but found that by going back W. 1\4 mi. could soon get out of the hills, so headed back and started on. Had 3 hills to make, one pretty stiff and then struck prairie but rather heavy on account of the rain. Camped at school house 1\4 mi. or 1\2 mi. W. of our road, on account of feed, at 6:15. Only made 13 mi. and horses very tired. Picked about 3 qt. berries again. Others just gone.
Fri. Aug. 5 Pleasant but roads heavy, so did some washing and started at 8:25. Got to Victoria at 10:00 AM. Went 5 1\2 mi. E. & stopped at school house for dinner at 11:50. Made 0 1\2 mi. Started at 2:15. Passed West Jersey at 4:10 went into the hills E. of Indian Creek and camped at 6:25. Made 20 mi.
Sat. Aug. 6 Started at 7:30 & crossed Spoon R. at 9:00 AM. Wyoming at 9:30. Watered horses, got bread, butter & lard and started on. Went 8 mi. E. 1\4 S. and stopped for dinner at 12:10. Got to Sparland Cemetery 1\4 mi. from town at 5:00 PM. Nell about tired out so left teams and went on in afoot to P.O. Found place to camp in grove at top of hill 1\2 mi. from P.O. Made 25 mi.
Sun. Aug. 7 Fine day. Cool and pleasant but horses tired and only have 33 cents in money left, and bridge toll of 40 cents so have to manage to get money before we can go on. The people are very hospitable here. Prof. Boughton gave us a nice plymouth rock chick for dinner then sent us a loaf of bread and can of B. berries. Then before our dinner was ready, two little girls came and gave us two quarts milk and 1\2 of a cake. We found ginshan in the hollow just N. of us and dug about 3 lb. of root.
Mon. Aug. 8 Fine day again. Went down town after breakfast to look for work. Did not strike anything. Came back about 9:30 and went after berries. did not find many. After dinner went down town again, but did not strike anything, so went over to Lacon. Got a chance to sell my ginshan so came back and went to look for more. Mabel and I went out at 4:00. Came back at 7:00 with about 7 lb. Just as I got back from town Mr. Boughton came and offered to loan me $5.00, so with that and what we can get from the roots, will be able to go on tomorrow.
Tues. Aug. 9 Minnie baked bread this fore noon. Got dinner and packed up and started again at 2:00 PM. Came through Lacon at 2:30 PM. Passed Varna at 5:45, 1\2 mi. at the N. went 2 mi. E. and camped at a school house at 6:15. It is getting ready to rain. Made 12 mi.
Wed. Aug. 10 Cloudy. Rained a little last night. Just laid the dust. Started at 7:45. Picked 3 qts. Bl. berries. Went N. of our road and got to Larton at 12:00 N. Watered horses and went 2 mi. E. and stopped for dinner at 1:00 PM. Jammed my thumb while fixing fire to get dinner. Made 14 mi. Started again at 3:05. Went into camp at 6:00 PM. 2 mi. W. of Streator. Made 24 mi.
Thurs. Aug. 11 Cold and foggy. Started at 7:20. Got to Streator at 8:00 AM. Got out to N. E. of town and had to stop and go back to P.O. Got a card from father (Hendrick) and a letter from Mamie. Came through Kerman. Camped 2 mi. from Ranson at 12:00. Made 11 mi. Started again at 2:05. Came through Ranson at 3:00 PM. Kinsman at 5:15 PM. Camped at 6:30, 1 1\2 mi. S. W. of Verona. Made 23 mi.
Fri Aug. 12 Cold again last night. Started at 7:15. Got to Verona at 7:45 and Magon at 9:15. Made 14 mi. and stopped for dinner at 11:30. Started again at 2:00 PM. Went through Coal City, Carbon Hill, Coal Branch Jct. & Diamond. Found some sand. Nell played out so went into camp at 5:30, 1 1\2 mi. S. W. of Wilmington. Made 22 mi.
Sat. Aug. 13 Warm and cloudy. Started at 8:00. Came through Wilmington at 9:00. Past Symeston 1\2 mi. to the S. at 11:00 AM. Stopped for dinner at 11:40. Got a little shower this morning after we left Wilmington. It hardly laid the dust. Started on at 2:15. Terrible hot. Got to Manhattan at 4:30. Came 2 mi. E. Went into camp at 5:00 with Jora tired out. Camped at school house at four corners. Had another shower before I could get tent up. Made 19 mi.
Sunday Aug. 14 Started at 9:30. Passed Frankfort Station 1 1\2 to N. at 12:00 M. Stopped to feed at 1:00 PM. Made 9 mi. Started at 4:15. Camped 2 mi. from Richton at 6:00 PM. Made 14 1\2 mi. Got corn & potatoes.
Mon. Aug. 15 Started at 8:00. Passed through Richton at 8:30. Chicago Hts. 1 mi. to S. Stopped for dinner just inside of state line. Started again at 2:30. Crossed state line at 3:00 and bid adieu to IL. Went through Dyer. Stopped to camp 3 mi. from Dyer at 6:00. Made 15 mi.
Tues. Aug. 16 Started at 8:00 AM. Sand for 5 mi. Got into Griffith and struck deep sand. Belle stopped with us and we had to take her out and put Jora in till we struck the gravel road again. Stopped for dinner at 12:00. Mad 8 mi. Got a mess of bl. berries. Started again at 2:30. Came through Hobert at 5:00 PM. Stopped just before noon at Sam Ward's to enquire the road. He gave us a lot of apples. Made 17 mi.
Wed. Aug. 17 Started at 8:00 AM. Passed Woodville at 11:40. Went 1 mile S. E. and stopped for dinner at 12:00 M. Made 10 mi. Started at 2:45. Got to Westville 5:45. Went into camp 3 mi. W. at 6:45. Made 21 mi. Terrible dry. Every one wanting rain.
Thurs. Aug. 18 Got a little sprinkle this morning. Still cloudy, may rain more. Started at 8:00. Came through La Porte at 11:00. Stopped for dinner 3 mi. E. at 12:15. Made 13 mi. Started at 3:00 PM. Went 7 mi. N. E. Went into camp at 6:00 PM. at Bootjack school house. Made 20 mi. today.
Fri. Aug. 19 Nasty rainy morning. People here in general are rejoicing over it but we are not as we had intended to eat dinner in Michigan today. But if it rains much more will not be able to do so. 6 PM. Well it rained all day so that we only got 2 meals and had to cook them in the rain. But when it stops we won't have to wait for sticky mud to dry up before we can start.
Sat. Aug. 20 Had the worst rain last night that we have had since we started out. Soaked everything all up and drowned the girls out of the tent. So had to all pile up in the wagon. Cloudy and damp this morning so beds don't dry. So will hitch up and start on. Started at 8:30. Just as we were picking up, two teams from Niles came along on their way to Wisconsin. So we were not alone in getting wet. Passed Hudson Lake at 9:15. At 11:00 came to a patch of wild bl. berries & picked about 2 gallons. Crossed state line at 3:10. We clapped our hands for joy and said a glad goodbye to old Ind. Came through Niles at 5:30 PM. Came 2 mi. N. and went into camp with best grazing we have seen for a long time. Good clover and timothy. Made about 23 mi.
Sunday Aug. 21 Spent our first night in Michigan. Fog this morning. Started at 7:30. Got to Eau Claire at 10:45. went 3 mi. E. and stopped for dinner at 11:45. Made 14 mi. Stopped at S. W. corner of Ed Birkholm's place . Did not find them at home.
Mon. Aug. 22 Went down to the house after water. Emma & Ed both knew me and would have us come down to breakfast. Spent the day there and had a nice visit. Gathered huckleberries. In the afternoon, took children boat riding and caught nice mess of fish.
Tues. Aug. 23 Came to B. H. with Ed and saw Jim and had dinner at his place.
Wed. Aug. 24 Left Emma's at 10:30. Got our dinner just N. of Mt. Pleasant church. They were just gathering for funeral of Mrs. Fisher as we passed. Left teams and wagons at C. E. McClaves.
Thurs. Aug. 25 Went to Paw Paw Lake with Jim.
Fri. Aug. 26 Came back again.
Sat. 27,
Sun. 28,
Mon 29 Stayed at Jim's.
Tues. Aug. 30 Came back to Corey's and went into camp on school ground. Worked for Corey's rest of week. Sun. Sept. 4 Went to Aunt Clara's for dinner.
Mon. Sept. 5 Hit the trail again at 3:00 PM. Bid Benton Harbor adieu at 3:45. Camped at Hager School District No. 5, at 6:00 PM. After supper called on Flo Emery a short time.
Tues. Sept. 6 Started at 7:40. Stopped and saw Bert Kettell. Came on past old place. Got some pears. Stopped for dinner N. of Paw Paw Lake on county line at 12:10. Started on again at 2:45. Struck lots of sand. At 5:00 PM. Belle thought she had gone far enough and stopped. Finally changed and went a little farther and camped 3\4 mi. from Packard at 6:00 PM.
Wed. Sept. 7 Started at 9:00 AM. Got to South Haven at 9:45. Came through and on N. about 5 mi. and stopped for dinner at 11:40. Made about 11 mi. Started at 2:35. Passed W. Casco at 3:30. Came past pier and came on one mile E. then N. about 2 mi. and went into camp at 6:25.
Thurs. Sept. 8 Started at 7:45 got to Douglas at 8:10, to Saugatuck at 8:30. Found the folks on the watch for us. Father and Viola (Talma Hendrick and daughter Viola) rushed out to meet us.
He lived in 1916 at Mason, Ingham County, MI, USA. Listed as a Huckster with 5 children.3
     Franklin, wife Minnie and daughter Mable visits cousins the Fellows.4
Franklin died on 16 April 1928 at Lansing, Ingham County, MI, USA, at age 70. The Compiler has a Death Certificate prepared for him by the Ingham County Recorder that gives a date of 10 Apr 1928, but believes that the family records are likely more accurate.. He was buried at Oakwood Cemetery, at Grand Ledge, Eaton County, MI, USA.

     Franklin Evi was born on 27 July 1857 in Belvidere, Boone County, IL according to family records and the Hotchkin Family Reunion Notes. His Death Certificate confirms the location as Illinois. He died at Lansing Michigan on 16 April 1928; the Certified Copy of his Death Certificate received from the County Clerk by the Compiler says 10 April, but this was a copying mistake by the clerk due to very poor originals. This Certificate gives his father as Noah Hotchkin, born in New York and mother Evalela Grandville, born in Maine. According to his published obituary he died in Lansing, Michigan and his funeral was held at the Jarvis-Estes Funeral Home, on Thursday morning at 10:30 am, by Rev Ralph Hobbs. The Hendrick Genealogy claims that Franklin Evi was born 27 July 1855 in Wilson, Niagara Co., NY; however, this is very unlikely as too much evidence supports the 1857 date and location. The 1870 census of Leslie Rives Twp., Jackson Co., MI finds him living with his parents and says that he is attending school. The 1900 census confirmed his birth as July 1857 but claims that his father was born in Vermont and Mother in Maine. The census says that he was a carpenter and rented a home. (For many years the Compilers father had all of grandfather old carpentry tools in the handmade chest that every apprentice carpenter constructed in those days.) At the 1900 census Franklin's family and his wife's family lived in adjacent homes in Central City, NE. Their first three children were born in Benton Harbor, but some time in late 1894 or 1895 they started moving west and the birth of Marjorie Cecile occurred in Camden, Schuyler Co., IL on 17 March, 1896. They couldn't have stayed long in Illinois because the Compilers father, Franklin Elwyn was born in Loup City, Loup Co., NE on 10 August 1898. Two children, James Ward and Norris Fernold were born in Central City, NE in 1901 and 1902.
     There are no records of the family owning property in Loup City; but Merrick Co., NE records show that wife Minnie W. Hotchkin purchased a Central City lot on 7 December 1900 from B. S. Abel. This property, Lots 7 and 8 of Block 6, Sec 5 and Twp 13 was where they made their home in Central City. The adjacent Lots 9 and 10 were owned by Minnie's parents Talma and Electa O. Hendrick and was recorded in Electa's name on 7 December 1900; the same day as Minnie purchased her property.
     A lot of the information on the Michigan Branch of the Hotchkin Family comes from records of the Hotchkin-Bigelow Family Reunion, held the 2nd Sunday of June, every year from 1927 to 1972. Franklin started this family reunion in 1927, with the first reunion held on 11 September 1927 and the first officers were: Franklin, President; Theron, Vice President; Mabel, Secretary; Edith Fritz, Treasure. It was unfortunate that Frank died before he ever attended a second reunion.
Last Edited=29 Sep 2011

Children of Franklin Evi Hotchkin and Mary Winona (Minnie) Hendrick


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Fred C. Hotchkin

M, (February 1898 - )
     Fred C. Hotchkin was born in February 1898 at Indian Territory, USA. Birth date from 1900 census. He was the son of Henry Hotchkin and Luella Hilland. Fred C. Hotchkin appeared on the census of 1900 at Denison, Grayson County, TX, USA. The census lists the family as: Julius Nading, dec 1828, 71, married 9 years, born MO, father born MO, mother born TN; wife Georgia, jun 1871, 28, married 9 years, 2 children, 1 living, born MO, father born KS, mother born MO; son Walter, nov 1891, 8, born IT; neice Luella, apr 1872, 28, married 10 years, 3 children, 3 living, born IT; grand Niece, Marie, oct 1890, 9, born IT; grand niece Hazel, oct 1893, 6, born IT; grand nephew Fred C., feb 1889, 1, born IT..

     Initial C. comes from 1900 census.
Last Edited=5 Apr 2017

Frederic Hotchkin1

M, (14 December 1799 - 19 September 1879)
     Frederic Hotchkin was born on 14 December 1799 at Richmond, Berkshire County, MA, USA. Tombstone gives date as 15 Dec 1799.2,3 He was the son of Ebenezer Hodgkin Dea. and Ruth Hubbard. He married Nancy Mary Mattoon at Lenox, Berkshire County, MA, USA, on 25 January 1827.4,5 Frederic Hotchkin appeared on the census of 1850 at Lenox, Berkshire County, MA. The census lists the family as: Hotchkin, Fredric, age 50, b MA, farmer, $900; wife Nancy, age 49, b MA; dau Ruth A., age 22, b MA; son George W., age 14, b MA; son Henry G., age 11, b MA; dau Cornelia, age 7, b MA.. He resided at Otis, Berkshire County, MA, USA, in 1850. He died on 19 September 1879 at Lenox, Berkshire County, MA, at age 79. The 1880 mortality tables of Lenox, Berkshire Co, MA gives his death as Sept 1879 of Lung Fever. His doctor is reported as C. W. Stratton..5,6 He was buried at Church on the Hill Cemetery, at Lenox, Berkshire County, MA, USA.

     Congregational Church Records, Richmond, MA show his baptism as 1 April 1804. The 1850 census finds him, his wife and four children living in Lee, Berkshire Co., MA. He was a farmer with Real Estate worth $900.
     Frederic and his wife Nancy are buried with her family, the Matton's in the same Little Church on the Hill Cemetery as his brother John, but some distance away from John's grave. The Compiler and his wife have visited this cemetery and a large tree growing in this area has destroyed all signs of any headstone except for a very large one in honor of Mr. Henry Matton, "who was one of the two which were drowned in the Housatonic River, 15 July 1823, aged 24 years." Only early records exist to prove the burial of Frederic and Nancy.4
Last Edited=8 Jan 2014

Children of Frederic Hotchkin and Nancy Mary Mattoon


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Frederic Hotchkin

M, (1853 - )
     Frederic Hotchkin was born in 1853 at England. He was the son of John Hotchkin.
Last Edited=24 Jan 2008

Frederick Hotchkin

M, (1871 - September 1891)
     Frederick Hotchkin was born in 1871 at Meadville, Crawford County, PA, USA. He was the son of Lewis J. Hotchkin and Eleanor Holliday. Frederick Hotchkin died in September 1891 at Meadville, Crawford County, PA. He was buried at Greendale Cemetery, at Meadville, Crawford County, PA, USA.

     In 1888-1890 a Frederick L. Hotchkin is living in Brooklyn, NY at 423 Fulton St and is listed as the President of a Drug Co.
Last Edited=28 Jun 2014

Frederick L. Hotchkin

M, (8 July 1856 - 27 February 1906)
Frederick L. Hotchkin, son of John Daniel
     Frederick L. Hotchkin was born on 8 July 1856 at Prattsburgh, Steuben County, NY, USA. He was the son of John Daniels Hotchkin and Esther Ann Wheaton. Frederick L. Hotchkin was in the Drug Business in 1889 at Brooklyn, Kings County, NY, USA, The Lain's City Directory of Brooklyn shows him in the Drug business. He resided at Brooklyn, Kings County, NY, USA, in 1890. He appeared on the census of 1900 at Brooklyn, Kings County, NY, USA. The census lists the family as: Hotchkin, Fred H., age 43, b 7-1856 in NY; living with Peter Rickrath.. Frederick died on 27 February 1906 at New York City, New York County, NY, USA, at age 49. He died at Roosevelt Hospital.. He was buried at Prattsburgh Rural Cemetery, at Prattsburgh, Steuben County, NY, USA. Cemetery records say 1907.

     Frederick had a drug store in Prattsburg prior to moving to NYC to work for Practitioners Laboratory, a pharmaceutical company. He died at Roosevelt Hospital as a result of falling downstairs. The 1900 census finds him boarding at the home of Peter Rickrath, 281 President St, Brooklyn, NY.
Last Edited=14 Oct 2016

Frederick R. Hotchkin

M, (2 July 1866 - 2 November 1939)
     Frederick R. Hotchkin was born on 2 July 1866 at Sullivan County, NY, USA.1 He was the son of Nathan G. Hotchkin and Orpha Jane Everts. He married Ella Kortright at Ellenville, Ulster County, NY, USA, on 27 September 1893.2 He married Anna Lamoreaux at Hancock Twp, Delaware County, NY, USA, on 2 August 1896. They were married 3 years at the 1900 census.3 Frederick R. Hotchkin appeared on the census of 1900 at Liberty, Sullivan County, NY, USA. The census lists the family as: Marietta (crosed out and Mary inserted) Lamorex, born Jul 1831, widow, son-in-law Fred Hotchkin, age 38, b 7-1861, 38, married 3 years, born in NY, parents born in NY; Marietta's daughter Anna Hotchkin, born Aug 1874, 25, married 3 years, no children, born NY. Lliving on Buckly St., Fred's birth date differs from date given at his marriage.. He was buried at Woodlawn Cemetery, at Elmira, Chemung County, NY, USA. This might also be the Fred that is buried at the Orage Farm Burial Grounds #2 in Goshen, Orange County, NY. He died 2 Nov 1939. No birth date is given.. He died on 2 November 1939 at Newburgh, Orange County, NY, USA, at age 73.

     When Fred married Ella, he gave his parents names as Nathan Hotchkin and Effie Ebitts. He said that he was age 27 and born in Liberty. There is another marriage for a Fred Hotchkin, 2 August 1896 in Hancock, Delaware Co., NY, Cert. #16006. According to the 1900 census, it is likely that his second marriage was to Anna, born August 1874, daughter of Marietta Lamoreaux. This information comes from Marietta calling them daughter and son-in-law at the 1900 census.
Last Edited=7 Jun 2017

Family: Frederick R. Hotchkin and Ella Kortright

Family: Frederick R. Hotchkin and Anna Lamoreaux


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Gail Hotchkin1

F, (1 November 1953 - 28 September 1974)
     Gail Hotchkin was born on 1 November 1953 at Trenton, Mercer County, NJ, USA.2 She was the daughter of Leonard Harvey Hotchkin and Anne Gail Thomas. Gail Hotchkin died on 28 September 1974 at Fort Lauderdale, Broward County, FL, USA, at age 20.2,3 She was buried at Greenwood Cemetery, at Trenton, Mercer County, NJ, USA. Her body was cremated..
Last Edited=13 Nov 2013


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Gale Lynn Hotchkin

     Gale Lynn Hotchkin is the daughter of Walter James Hotchkin Jr. and Vonna Mae Baylis. Gale Lynn Hotchkin married Harold Clayton James in 1979.
Last Edited=15 Jul 2012

Children of Gale Lynn Hotchkin and Harold Clayton James

Garrett Hotchkin1

M, (1 June 1875 - 19 May 1877)
     Garrett Hotchkin was born on 1 June 1875 at Liberty, Sullivan County, NY, USA. He was the son of Albert T. Hotchkin and Philena Krum. Garrett Hotchkin died on 19 May 1877 at Liberty, Sullivan County, NY, at age 1. He was buried at Hodge Cemetery, at Neversink, Sullivan County, NY, USA.
Last Edited=23 Jun 2009


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Gary Hotchkin

     Gary Hotchkin is the son of Orville Henry Hotchkin and Ione Myrle Twedt. Gary Hotchkin married Valerie A. Jennings circa 1982 at SD, USA.
Last Edited=20 Jan 2007

Gary Hotchkin

M, (1 November 1953 - 15 January 2010)
Gary Hotchkin
     Gary Hotchkin was born on 1 November 1953 at Trenton, Mercer County, NJ, USA. He was the son of Leonard Harvey Hotchkin and Anne Gail Thomas. He married Kathy Fusco circa 1994. He resided at Dickson, Dickson County, TN, USA, in August 1999. Gary Hotchkin died on 15 January 2010 at Charlotte, Dickson County, TN, USA, at age 56.1 He was buried . Memorial #47068937, body cremated.

     Gary and Gail are twins.
Last Edited=23 Mar 2017

Child of Gary Hotchkin and Kathy Fusco


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Gary Douglas Hotchkin

     Gary Douglas Hotchkin is the son of Roger Douglas Hotchkin and La Vaughn Bertha Beltz. He married Donna Lee From on 21 February 1969.1
Last Edited=20 Jun 2012


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Gary Lee Hotchkin

     Gary Lee Hotchkin is the son of Leo Dixon Hotchkin and Grace G. Brand. He married Sandra Mae Word at MI, USA, on 11 September 1965.1 Gary Lee Hotchkin and Sandra Mae Word were divorced on 2 March 1983 at Broward County, FL, USA.1,2 He married Wendy B. Bartholomew at West Hartford, Hartford County, CT, USA, on 11 August 1984.3
Last Edited=22 Jun 2012

Children of Gary Lee Hotchkin and Sandra Mae Word

Family: Gary Lee Hotchkin and Wendy B. Bartholomew


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Gary Patrick Hotchkin

     Gary Patrick Hotchkin is the son of George Wheeler Hotchkin and Mary Lee Gibbons. He married Barbara Jean Cardner at Palm Beach County, FL, USA, on 28 March 1981.1
Last Edited=31 Jan 2010

Children of Gary Patrick Hotchkin and Barbara Jean Cardner


  1. [S614] Florida Marriages 1822 - 1875 and 1927- 2001 and 1980 to 2010.

Gary Robert Hotchkin

     Gary Robert Hotchkin is the son of Donald Dale Hotchkin and Dolores Joyce Shipski. He married Mary Cranson at Grand Ledge, Eaton County, MI, USA, on 12 April 1985.
Last Edited=29 Jan 2007

Children of Gary Robert Hotchkin and Mary Cranson

Gavin Hotchkin

     Gavin Hotchkin is the son of Chad Aric Hotchkin and Melissa A. Hyer.
Last Edited=27 Aug 2005

George Hotchkin

M, (1 December 1842 - circa 1843)
     George Hotchkin was born on 1 December 1842 at Liberty, Sullivan County, NY, USA. He was the son of Joshua Francis (James) Hotchkin and Lydia Novill Grant. George Hotchkin died circa 1843 at Liberty, Sullivan County, NY.
Last Edited=19 May 1999

George Augustus Hotchkin

M, (December 1852 - 6 October 1902)
     George Augustus Hotchkin was born in December 1852 at NY, USA. He was the son of George Nelson Hotchkin and Elizabeth Converse Bixby. George Augustus Hotchkin appeared on the census of 1880 at Rochester, Monroe County, NY, USA. The census lists the family as: Hotchkin, George A., age 27; with his father, brother and sisters.. He married Alice E. Merritt at Rochester, Monroe County, NY, on 17 December 1885.1 He resided at Rochester, Monroe County, NY, USA, in 1890. George Augustus Hotchkin died on 6 October 1902 at Rochester, Monroe County, NY, at age 49.2,3 He was buried at Mount Hope Cemetery, at Rochester, Monroe County, NY, USA. Sec L, Lot 68.4

     George A. Hotchkin and his wife Alice Merritt are listed in Talcott. George bought land in Ann Arbor, MI on 2 Nov 1877 and the Deed says that he was from Rochester, NY; however, there is no evidence of his having lived in Michigan. George A. Hotchkin first appears in the 1875 Rochester City Directory as a Civil Engineer at City Hall and living with his parents at 4 Hubbell Park. In some directories, he is shown as a partner with his brother Frank and his father George N. The 1885 and 1886 directories have him as (McCormick and Hotchkin) with their business at 326 State St, and in 1887, he is listed as a Mason, business address at 11 N. Fitzhugh. The 1889 through 1902 directories show him at City Hall, called a Civil Engineer and Superintendent of Water Works. At the 1900 census, he was living at 1112 Ambrose St., Rochester, NY with his wife, mother-inlaw Agusta A. Merritt and a sister Frances Gilford (which may be Elizabeth F. Hotchkin).
     George was the Superintendent of the Water Works. An article in the Rochester Union and Advertiser, dated, 4 May 1893 says, "George A. Hotchkin of Chief Engineer Kuichling's staff has returned after a trip over the line of the Hemlock conduit. He makes trips of this kind several times a year. On this occasion he started Monday morning and drove to a point two and a half miles this side of Rush. The conduit lies alongside of the road during that stretch, but at the point mentioned it leaves the road and goes across fields and farms. He walked the remainder of the distance to Hemlock Lake in order to inspect the entire line. Monday night he stopped at Honeye Falls and Tuesday night at Richmond Mills, reaching the lake yesterday. Mr. Hotchkin says the conduit is in perfect order. There were no leaks and everything was found all right."
     George's obituary published in the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, dated Tuesday, 7 Oct 1902; says, "he died suddenly while at lunch with City Engineer Fisher. A doctor was called when he had what seemed to be and attack of indigestion. He was taken to St. Mary's Hospital where he died within an hour and one/half. It was not known what caused his death but being a full-bodied fleshy man, it was thought that apoplexy, coupled with asthma, from which he suffered, was responsible for the attack." George was buried in a Masonic funeral service. The obituary says that be was born at Caledonia in 1853 and his family moved to Rochester when he was an infant. George and Alice lived at 4 Calumet St. in Rochester at the time of his death.5
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Family: George Augustus Hotchkin and Alice E. Merritt


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